Top Four Travel Essentials For Summer

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Summer is everyone’s favorite time to travel to their favorite destinations. You’ll need to make sure that you’re going to be prepared before you go, so you must do a bit of planning. If you’re looking to save money and those travel headaches, you’ve come to the right place. This list will help you make sure that you have the most essential items for your Summer Vacation.

  1. Always Have Sunscreen on Hand

Sunscreen is essential for every traveler’s bag, and if you’re going to have great looking skin years down the road, you’ll definitely want to make sure you pack this essential in your beach bag. Not only will it keep you from burning and your skin looking great, but it also staves off melanoma, which is a skin cancer that can actually be quite aggressive. If you’re looking to have the best time on your trip, make sure you don’t forget this item.

  1. Extra hidden money

Having extra cash on you somewhere hidden that you don’t intend to use can be a lifesaver in many different situations. Make sure you don’t use this money, because you never know when you’ll need it. Hiding it in a sock or a shoe is a great idea, but it’s also great to keep a little extra in your hotel as well. Keeping money on you can help you out if something goes wrong with your card in case of emergency. Always make sure you have this essential on hand.

  1. A Water Bottle & UV Filtration Device

This one may seem a little far fetched for some, but if you’re going to be travelling overseas, doing a lot of walking, or hiking mountains, you’ll want to make sure that you always have water accessible that isn’t going to make you sick. Your water bottle can be simple, and it’s easy to find a large plastic or aluminum one that’s great to take on trips at Target. You should look online for your filtration device, which can do many bottles of water and can last you for all your trips this Summer- even small hiking trips.

  1. An Extra Bag

If you’ll be travelling anywhere new, it’s a good idea to keep an extra bag on you, in case you go shopping and want to bring things bag, you have wet clothes, or you pick up things on your hike. If you’re not sure if you’ll be using it, instead of having to check another bag at the airport, get a foldable bag that you can stick into your main bag when not in use.

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