Places You Need To Visit If You Are A Sherlock Fan

Sherlock is back with a bang! After years of waiting, Sherlock fans finally get a good dose of their favorite TV duo – Holmes and Watson. However as we all know, this won’t last long because the 3 episode Season 4 will end in January. This is perhaps the only shortcoming we Sherlock fans have to face – wait for years and get so little. But worry not! Because we have the perfect thing for you to do while you wait for the next season – travel. That’s right, travel to these amazing Sherlock themed restaurants, to satisfy your inner Sherlock junkie. And don’t forget to get Cheap Airline Tickets when you travel to London.

1. 221 B Baker Street:
YES! That’s right. This place actually exists and you can find it quite easily in London. After all if you’re a fan of the guy you should be able to use your skills of deduction to find where he lives. The apartments of 221B Baker Street have been converted in a small museum with a Sherlock statue standing outside the building. This building has been decorated in such a way as to make you think that the two fictional characters are still living there. And the best part is you can enter the place in only 8 pounds.

2. Speedy’s Café:
This famous café of the Sherlock universe is actually located down the street from the Baker Street museum and is the place that the production house has used as an exterior for the Holmes Residence. Go here and get a fantastic view of the street combined with an amazing British style breakfast. And while you’re at it, why not enjoy the artwork and production photos that have been compiled and spread around by the owners of the café.

3. Simpsons In The Strand:
If you want to celebrate the spirit of Sherlock with class, then this is the perfect place for you friends! Historically speaking Holmes and Watson were regulars here and often referred to it as their second home. This classy trendy restaurant will totally make you feel like you stepped into the Victorian era and even their menu has retained its classic originality. So take out your fancy dresses the next time you plan to visit London and have dinner at this amazing restaurant near the Savoy. Oh and don’t forget to book to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

No matter what part of the world we live in, Sherlock has truly mesmerized us all. All of us have tried to add the logic and deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes into our lives and have tried to figure out things going on around us based on deduction. Become a Sherlock fan in the truest spirit and visit the places mentioned above. And if you’re planning on flying in for it, it is very strongly suggested that you buy yourself some Cheap Airline Tickets.

Everyone nowadays is Sherlocked! Who wouldn’t be after this latest season! However if you’re also feeling sad about the upcoming end of the too short season, don’t fret! Because we have the perfect remedy for you! Buy yourself a cheap airline ticket and fly to London to see these amazing Sherlock locations!

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