8 Best Tips For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone seems to be a pretty daunting thing to do. Ten questions come to your mind. What if you get stranded somewhere? Can you go out alone at night? Won’t it look strange to eat alone in a restaurant?

All these kinds of worries and other things like will I get attacked by thieves? Or what if my car gets stuck in a ditch? Plague the mind of many travelers before they go on their first solo trip. But once you know the benefits of solo traveling all these thoughts will instantly be removed from your mind. Here are 8 best tips for solo travelers that will help you in how to go alone without difficulty.

Plan In Advance – Before you travel, it’s best to do some planning. You don’t need to have a detailed plan, but you should at least know a few basic things like where you will stay? It’s best that you book your hotel before you leave.

Pack Less And Light – It’s always the best idea to pack light so that you can manage your luggage quickly without any assistance. One suitcase, backpack and carry on will suffice your requirement for a one or three week trip.

Try Traveling During Day Hours – I highly recommend that you should plan your arrival during the daytime so that you can find your way easily through an unfamiliar city.

Mingle With Others – When you are travelling alone, it’s a good idea to mingle with the other travellers. The lounges and common rooms of hotels are a great place to meet new people and make short term friends and get great travel advice.

Connect With Locals – Meet the locals, many cities have free local tour guides, but you can also connect with the locals through different websites and enjoy your vacation in a better way.

Look At The Things Around You – Take your time in observing your surroundings, watch how people interact with each other and how things work in that place. While sitting at a coffee shop, or park or just killing time walking around the city, you can learn how to pay your bill whether at the table or counter or how to hail a cab, etc.

Open Up – Honestly, speaking I know traveling alone seems to be pretty scary, you can get insecure easily and get all your defenses on, but that’s not the right approach its, best to talk to strangers, smile and start a conversation. Be curious and ask questions that seem important.

Enjoy Yourself As Much As You Can – Go out in evenings, go to different bars and pubs and grab a seat at the bar. Go to local drama shows or concerts, do everything that you want to do and enjoy your solo trip as much as you can.

Traveling to Iceland for spending some quality time with family or oneself, is probably the best holiday plan you can ever make. Holidays to Iceland will be the most exciting experience of your life.

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The Busy Mom’s Ski Vacation Packing Checklist

Packing for a vacation can be a brutal ordeal for the entire family. However, it can be made even more difficult if you and your family choose to take a ski vacation. Not only do you need to think about a seasonal shift in wardrobe, but you also have to think about your kids. Remember them? Oddly enough, though it may seem a little unlikely, traveling with kids can often result in packing poorly. The main reason, undoubtedly, was that there was too much to think about at one time.

There is, however, a way to see beyond the strain, struggle, and terror that is packing for a ski trip with kids. Here is a quick-reference packing list guide for the busy mom who is trying to do everything (hint, hint… we’re talking to you dads). The first step to freeing yourself from the ravages of packing for a vacation is getting organized. Here are things your own list should include:

1. Long Underwear, Ski Socks, Turtleneck, Long-Sleeve Shirt, Sweater – Clearly, you can see the step-by-step adding of layers to protect your family from the elements. Yes, you’ll be engaging in physical activity that will get your heart pumping and blood flowing, but you’re still in higher elevations with low temperatures. Understand that cold weather can be tough to deal with, especially if you and your family are traveling from a warmer area. Your bodies aren’t quite acclimated to the conditions, so bundle up.

2. Ski Pants & Jacket – Yet again, we see the addition of another layer. Keep in mind, though, that you will not always been skiing or snowboarding. You’ll be up and down the mountain and into town, which means changes in elevations and changes in temperatures. Moreover, depending on the time of year you travel, you’ll be dealing with shifting temperatures during the day and night. Layers let you keep warm and shed as needed to be comfortable.

3. Gloves – As the lovable Lloyd Christmas said in an exasperated tone regarding his use of two pairs of gloves, his response was, “Yeah. We’re in the Rockies.” Consider that when your body begins to get very cold, heat begins to go to your core in order to protect your internal organs. This, in turn, means that your extremities are at risk for exposure (i.e., your fingertips).

4. Goggles/Sunglasses – When it comes to wintry conditions, we tend to ignore the fact that the sun can still cause problems with significant reflection off of the snow. You’re going for more of an essential item vibe rather than a fashion statement.

5. Sunblock & Lip Balm – Adults usually have a higher threshold for pain and discomfort. Should a sun burn or cracking lips become an issue, they can usually shake it off. Not so for little ones. You need to be sure they are protected from the elements, and using sunblock & lip balm is key in ensuring they are having fun while not roasting under the unforgiving sun radiating off of the snow.

A ski vacation does not have to be the straw that finally broke Mom. By using some common sense and practical planning, any parent can make sure they have the right things packed for their little ones.

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Paris Tour – Some Useful Tips

Paris is culturally rich, beautiful and amazing. If you want to visit Paris, you have to do your homework before you pack your bag and leave for Paris. The tips below will help you get ready for the tour.

1. Parisians Are Not Rude

While you may come across some rude Parisians during your stay in the city, but this doesn’t mean Parisians are rude. Most people think that they won’t be treated well in France, but the reality is different. Not all French have hatred for outsiders. The fact of the matter is that the younger generation of Paris love to talk to Americans.

2. Learn a little bit of French

You don’t have to take French classes prior to leaving for France, but learning a couple of commonly used phrases won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Usually, the French admire people who know a little bit of French. Besides, learning a few common French phrases will make it easier for you to communicate with the locals.

3. The Metro

The big map with various lines may sound weird to you, but the Metro is very easier to master. Since it is well connected, you will find that some places are not located near a metro stop. But after a couple of trips, you can find out how to reach any place in the city without any problem.

4. Outfits

What should you wear in Paris? Well, you may want to be comfortable when walking around the city and you can do so wearing casual outfits. Paris is known as the fashion capital and the people in Paris are fond of wearing fashionable outfits. So, you can buy some casual outfits that are commonly worn in Paris. Don’t worry. They won’t be too expensive.

5. The Neighborhoods

Paris consists of 20 neighborhoods, and the city is divided by the popular river known as the Seine River. The neighborhoods are located in a circular pattern. Often, you will hear people mention a certain restaurant or store located in the 12th. Some of the neighborhoods are known as Montmartre, Latin Quarter and Marais.

It is recommended that you get a Paris map as it will make it easier for you to get around and understand where things are located.

6. Not Everything is Expensive in Paris

Just like other cities, Paris also has its share of expensive stuff. However, this doesn’t mean that you will go bankrupt doing shopping over there. You can use a few tips to save money if you are traveling on a budget. For instance, you can eat at cheap restaurants in Paris. Moreover, walking around this beautiful city and watching people won’t cost you a dime.

So, these are 6 tips that you may want to consider when planning your tour of Paris. Hopefully, these tips will make it easier for you to enjoy your tour while saving a good deal of money. Keep in mind that Paris is full of mesmerizing sites but you don’t want to be overcharged due to your unawareness.

Paris is full of beautiful tourist attractions. If you want to travel to Paris and are looking for Paris private tour options, you can check out Privatetour for some help.

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Private Ephesus Tours – Some Tips

If you are into ancient cities, Ephesus should be one of the top destinations on your list. After more than a century of excavation, Ephesus’ structures have become the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.

This city was established in the 10th century BC. It was the Classical Greek period and saw a lot of development after it was taken over by the Roman Republic. According to estimates, the city had a population of 56,000 residents. For more about private Ephesus tours, follow the tips below.

1. Get Some Travel Advice

First of all, before you head for the city, don’t forget to know the travel warnings. The local authorities will provide you with the required information before you take your next steps.

2. Do Your Homework

According to experts, Ephesus had a population of around 56,000 residents when it was under the rule of the Romans. So far, just 20% of the old city has gone through excavation. On the other hand, the uncovered area consists of 4 sq km. However, it has one of the largest ruins of the world.

If you want to get the most out of your visit, you may want to plan your route prior to your arrival or you may miss out on some great sights. Ideally, you should hire a travel guide so you know what to see.

3. Get There In the Morning

What is the best time to see the great city? Well, you should start in the morning if you don’t want to encounter a lot of other visitors. You also have another option at your disposal: you can choose to go there in the mid afternoon. At this time, visitors start to leave and you can visit the destinations peacefully.

4. Go For The Most Popular Attractions

When you get there, you should go for the primary sites without killing time. The major sites include the Library of Celsus, the harbor street and the Ephesus amphitheatre. So, by visiting the most popular sites, you can avoid the crowds and take as many photos as you want.

5. The Lower Gate

It’s a good idea to start off at the Lower Gate, which is near the Selcuk. This way it will be easier for you to get back and forth. Actually, the Lower Gate is near other sites, such as Ayasoluk Castle, Isa Bey Mosque, the Temple of Artemis and the Ephesus Archaeological Museum. If you are on a budget, you should go for the public transport.

6. Take a Lot of Water With You

It’s very hot and dry in Ephesus. Therefore, you may want to take plenty of water with you. However, if you run out of water, you can spend some bucks and buy some water inside the city. You can buy water at juice bars and small cafes located near each entrance close to the toilets.

So, the next time you head for the beautiful city, you may want to consider these 6 tips. Hopefully, you will have a great time in Ephesus.

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Saying, ‘Yes’ To That Vacation Rental

As with any proper getaway, there has to be some level of forethought prior to “hitting the road.” Vacation rentals are plentiful and varied, but factor in some superb planning, and now you’ve got something that is both alluring and exciting. Picking the right destination, however, is where the whimsy becomes a bit less fun. If you don’t think about what the vacation can hold for you and your loved ones, you are liable to not enjoy yourself as much. Isn’t that the point of a vacation in the first place?

Before making reservations on your next big trip, however, be sure to ask yourself these five questions. They may just make the difference between an O.K. break and an epic vacation:

1. How much time do I have to travel? Whether it’s a long weekend, a two-week break, or a month-long trip, you need to know how much time you have to work with so that you know how your choice of destination will use as much time for fun as possible. For example, if you have a weekend and decide to travel from New Mexico to Australia, you will essentially be on a plane back and forth the entire time. One thing to keep in mind, though, is also refrain from keeping a running clock on how long your vacation lasts. Relax!

2. What do I need in terms of my lodging? Everyone in your family has wants and needs, so putting together a checklist of these items will help narrow down the choices for destinations. Why spend your vacation somewhere you’ll be left wanting? There are far too many choices of stellar vacation rentals to be left disappointed.

3. Do we want to bring our own equipment? If you’re traveling during winter, for example, there is a chance you’ll be somewhere snowy. Are you bringing your own skis or snowboard? Do you have the room or should you rent? The same thought goes with warm-weather gear. Why lug so much around when you might not need to at all?

4. How do I want to spend the day/night? If you plan on doing something fun, you need to know what you should pack for. Maybe you want to plan for both, but be mindful of how much you’re packing. You might also consider whether these little excursions will include the whole family or just be grown-up time.

5. Am I traveling during peak season? Do some work and look at local event calendars to make sure you are not traveling during the busy season, and if you are, try to find out how to book so that you get the most out of your expectations. A phone call is all it takes to get the information you need.

Vacation rentals, as a whole, are an amazing part of what makes traveling so much fun. As long as you think a bit before planning your trip, you’ll be ready for all of the awesomeness that awaits.

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Vacations To Foreign Lands

I have some experience with foreign travel. But, I am not an expert. My experience is borne from trial and error. My wife and I first began to travel outside of the United States a few years after we married. We were in our twenties, young and stupid, plus our travel funds were meager. Frequent flyer miles and other discounts were a significant driver of when and where we might vacation.

In time I learned that going on the cheap means that you have an experience that is less than what you might have had. Also, getting in the car of a foreign cab driver and trusting him to take you and your wife to fun or significant foreign locations safely is a gamble that might work well, not so well, or you might never be heard from again.

My wife got hooked on cruise ship vacations to foreign lands. She still prefers to do that. There are some things that I like about that, but I would like it mostly if I was a glutton who wants to stuff all food that he sees into his face for 5 plus meals a day. You cannot escape the crowd on a cruise ship. You had better be a “people person” because you will be a captive of “people people” aboard the ship. What about seeing foreign lands via cruise ship? You will have about 8 hours per foreign land. Actually you will have less because you will obsess about not getting back to your ship before it sails away. The best sit down meals (steak, lobster) will be served on the ship while you are in port, tempting you to not stray far from the ship while it is in a foreign land.

Now that I am older, I think that foreign travel is best done with people you know, be that extended family, friends, or co-workers. It is especially good if at least one of you is familiar with the geography, language, and culture of the land you all will visit. Go with others and you will have greater safety, a bolder itinerary, and I think you will have more fun. If you cannot do that, consider working with a travel agency that has a long, documented, and high customer satisfaction rating for the country that you will go to. Remember, you will only be in that country for a set amount of time. Do you want to spend it stumbling around asking strangers (while speaking English) where you might sight-see, dine, or to ask where is the toilet?

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Tips To Help You Plan A Fulfilling Cruise

Cruises are some of the most exciting vacations you can choose to enjoy. They offer unbeatable value because you do not have to think about constant transportation needs from place to place and neither do you have to pay costly airfares to your destination. The cruises give you the chance to enjoy refreshing sea air helping you relax and simply enjoy the warm ocean breezes whenever. With so many ports scattered around the world, you can place a cruise travel to visit areas that you have always wanted to visit.

If you love water and water activities, then cruises will prove to be most rewarding to you. But then to enjoy the most pleasant experience you still need to plan properly for your cruise. When everything is in order from the initial stages, then you are bound to enjoy a fulfilling vacation on a ship.

1. Know the number of people cruising with you

If it is just a few of you, then planning should be easy, but you will need a lot more planning and coordination when you plan to travel with more family members and friends. If you are bringing children along, then you need to make sure that the cruise package has plenty of activities for them too. You can plan for a private kind of cruises or you can choose to pay for cruises that accommodate lots of other people headed the same direction you are. The important thing is to choose what works for you and the people you are tagging along.

2. Choose the best cruise length

Cruise packages differ in length and the vacation time you have available should help you select the length that is most suitable. A cruise can be only a few days or you can choose one that goes for a week and more. A weekend cruise can be a great choice for those with little time to spare. With so many destinations and packages, you should be able to plan a cruise length that you can afford and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Pick the best stateroom

People have different preferences when it comes to cruises and your stateroom choices should be guided by your vacation preferences. For instance, if what you dream of is lounging in a private balcony as you enjoy the gracious tropical views, then a balcony stateroom is the ideal selection. Couples can cruise in a suite or a penthouse to get the most from the cruise vacation. If you are a little pressed on a budget, then you can always settle for an inside stateroom. Some cruise packages can offer you additions such as 24 hour butler for your luxury experience.

4. Consider onboard activities

Even when you are going on a romantic cruise vacation, you will definitely need activities to fill your time on board. Find out what activities you will find on-board and how exciting they will make your cruise. Spa services, wine tasting, bingo, culinary demonstrations, live entertainments and others are some of the most popular on most cruises.

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Things to Consider While Booking a Hotel For a Sports Team

Travelling as a sports team is fun because it gives everyone a chance to explore new cities and to prove your mettle as champions. However, for the coach and the rest of the managers, this is also a hectic period especially when it comes to finding the best sports team accommodation. Many games have been lost because players did not get the best lodgings and the blame always goes to the management.

To avoid failing your fans, it is important to follow the following tips in order to find the best hotel for your players. Such an establishment not only boosts their morale but also guarantees nerves are not frayed as you head to the field. Here are some ideas to use:

1. Location

You have to consider the location of a sports team hotel to guarantee easy access to the stadium and other major amenities. You don’t want an establishment that is far away because this will affect training and you can even miss your event due to poor accessibility. Consider how easy it will be for your bus to get to the training grounds and the competition area before booking.

2. Group Size

Consider the number of everyone in the entourage because it is advisable to accommodate everyone under one roof. This makes logistics easier and as the coach, you can keep an eye on everyone. When you have a number in mind, it becomes easier to find a facility in a suitable location. The size of the group also determines the availability of space for your luggage.

3. Favorable Rates

A good hotel should offer favorable rates considering you are in a group. The best facilities offer discounted rates and packages to attract more guests and even fans. Look out for an establishment that offers special rates for return guests because you will definitely be playing in the city in future.

4. Meeting Room

Meetings and brainstorming sessions are a major feature of a successful team. You should look for a facility that has enough space to allow for such meetings during your stays because they are invaluable in strategizing the way forward.

5. Amenities

The right establishment should have state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee a comfortable stay to prepare everyone for the game. Look out for wireless internet, warm/cool pools, fitness center, satellite TV among other amenities.

6. Nearby Attractions

To help every member relax, it is important to book accommodation near main attractions where you can all visit and unwind. From game parks, zoos, concert halls, theatres, parks, shopping malls, water parks to world-class restaurants, ensure there are group activities you can all engage in together near your place of stay.

Finding the best place for your team to stay in a new city can be tricky as a manager, but with these tips, you are sure to get it right and ensure everyone is in high spirits before the competition.

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The Best Places To See If You Go To Italy

Ravioli, Tiramisu and lush red wine- we all know how amazing all of these things are in Italy. But another thing that Italy is famous for are its beautiful and renowned travel destinations. This country is filled with remnants of the Roman Civilization and extraordinary architecture from the past. What most of us don’t know is that Italy is actually home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Literally everything in this country is worth seeing. But for those of us, who don’t want to or don’t have enough time to go through the whole countryside, here is a list of places you can visit to ensure you get the best of Italy:

1. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa:
This architectural beauty is actually a mathematical phenomenon that still confuses many brilliant minds. The tower of Pisa, famous for its incline is actually a wonder of the world which the most important reason for you to see it. And if you’re a fan of archeology then that’s an added bonus as well. People from all over the world come here all year round to view this. And if you’re planning to go to Italy as well make sure you book your tickets using Alaska Airlines.

2. The Colosseum:
The Roman Colosseum is also one of the Wonders of the world and is the largest amphitheatre in the world. This was created by the prehistoric Roman Leaders and is one of the biggest mementos of the Roman Civilization. It has more than 80 entrances and can house more than 50,000 people at one time. This amphitheatre was actually made as a center of sports and entertainment and has hosted several such events throughout history. However, its condition has deteriorated significantly over time due to natural disaster and climatic conditions.

3. Venice:
The city of Gondolas and water, Venice is a sight to behold for anyone who loves water. The city is famous worldwide for its beauty and the fact that it has been built completely on water. If you’re a romantic at heart, then this is the one place that you should definitely not miss out on. The structures here are comprised of over 150 canals in such an intricate manner that further enhances the beauty of the city.

4. Piazza Del Campo:
The city of Tuscany is home to one of the most beautiful and magnificent medieval squares – The Piazza Del Campo. This seems to be very common in Italy, but this structure also has some of the beautiful architecture that has been seen in the world. Twice or thrice a year a horse race is hosted here which involves circling the Piazza Del Campo and that is definitely a sight to see.

So book your ticket to Italy today using Alaska Airlines and remember to have a lot of fun and stress less holiday!!!

Here is a list of some very beautiful reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and go to Italy right now! Oh and if you really are planning on doing just that then don’t forget to look into Alaska Airlines when you book your tickets to Italy!

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Rent a Bus for Your Event

When you have several people to take part in the same event, it is a great idea to keep them all together! With a double decker bus hire, you are able to do that. It is going to enhance the fun and you won’t have the use of several different vehicles. Your guests will appreciate this thoughtful idea. It is a fun way to spend time with others and to see the sites.

The double decker bus hire means you only have to pay for one bus rather than two in order to account for all of your expected passengers. The cost of this upgraded model is going to be less expensive than two separate buses. The higher level view also gets great reviews so you can’t go wrong with it. At least check it out and see what it is all about!

Fresh Idea

Your guests are going to love this fresh idea! All they have to do is show up at the assigned time at the assigned location. Then they can be part of the fun. You can decide to make it a one pick up and one stop travel event. You can also set up more than one pick up and drop off location. This will influence cost but it can be more convenient for your guests.

You can also talk to the provider about hop on and off options. There may be events along the selected route that allow people to get off and look at something specific. The hard part with this is people have to pay close attention or they won’t be back to the bus when it is time for it to continue on. That can result in them being left behind or putting the schedule behind for all.

Often, you will find more people participate in a given event when transportation such as a double decker bus hire is provided for them. It allows them to relax and to enjoy what is going on around them. They don’t have to worry about their own transportation set up or trying to figure out where to go.

When there is sightseeing involved, it is hard to enjoy your surroundings when you also have to focus on driving. Being able to take it all in and even take photos as you move along is something they will appreciate.

Gather Information

The best way to get started with a double decker bus hire is to gather information. Decide when you will need the services and the route you need them to cover. Keep in mind there are certain routes that don’t allow buses. The provider can go over all of that will you and find a route that is approved for the bus that also fulfils your specific needs.

The number of people you will have on the bus also needs to be discussed. While a double decker bus hire can hold quite a few people, there are going to be limits. They can’t be too crowed for it to be safe. Ideally, there will be a seat for each person on the bus. The cost is going to depend on where you hire from and how long you plan to use it.

This all depends on your agenda and the amount of money you would like to spend on a double decker bus hire. It is a good idea to get your options and then to closely evaluate them. Doing so will allow you to get the best overall deal. Then you can just focus on the fun event that is ahead for all of you to enjoy!

About Us: The right vehicle for your special occasion is important. It is a nice touch to create the setting you want. You can select one vehicle to arrive in or you can select several for your entire group such as a wedding party to use for the event. We offer a wide selection of vintage vehicles as well as those that are stylish with room for many passengers.

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