How to win in the fifa world cup brazil 2014


EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 comes out exclusively for fifa 14 ultimate team coins Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 16 April. The followers of the tournament will have two months to try advantage lift the trophy before the official tournament starting on June 12 in Sao Paulo. Do not miss the latest news on all the key features of the game in the coming weeks. EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 reaches stores on April 15. Book it today and do not run your fifa ultimate team coins!

EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup 2014 series offers the most comprehensive game modes including a tournament title. Relive some of the most memorable matches of Captain Your classification or to glory. You choose the path that will lead you to victory. You have up to six different ways to win.

1. Sailing to the World Cup

He leads one of the 203 World Cup selections throughout the qualifying rounds to reach the glory in the FIFA World Cup. Up to 32 players can play locally and live a unique and completely personalized experience. Fans will celebrate in the streets of over 15 real locations, from Trafalgar Square in London or St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, to the National Mall in Washington DC.

2. Flights to Rio de Janeiro (online)

From the Arena da Amazonia in Manaus, Rio de Janeiro Flights to allow players to visit, along with the national team, the 12 official venues of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Like the acclaimed online mode of FIFA 14 Seasons, these online games will mean a growing challenge on your way to Estodio do Maracana in Rio and your chance of winning the trophy FIFA World Cup. Avanza when you win matches, remains one of the offices or divisions or even split down.

3. Captain Your Country

This classic gameplay of FIFA back through the front door. Retrieves a veteran player returning from injury and work with it or make your future captain to prove your worth to the team. Impress your manager and win the fans, who will recognize your vital work as a leader. The new self-positioning system facilitates access to the Captain Your Country mode for new players to not have to worry about being able to stay out of the game at key moments.

4. History of the World (online)

Imagine this scenario: England and Italy finish their match after exciting five goals on the scoreboard and winning with England squad after suffering. Everyone speaks of this meeting. Recreate exciting that fifth goal with which Italy won the World History mode. Just one hour after the final whistle of each game, you play a series of results-based challenges of the day. Repeats a certain result, changes the course of the game or win a match without conceding a single goal. You get numerous scenarios which will provide a challenge. Complete challenges and get EXP that can be used in FIFA 14.

5. FIFA World Cup 2014

Play online or locally and play the real tournament of the World Cup 2014. From the group stage to the final of the World Cup, make your way in the competition until your arms lift the trophy for the World Cup 2014.

6. History of classifications

Over two and a half years, more than 200 teams have competed to be this summer’s FIFA World Cup 2014. During this time, the followers of the sport enjoyed big games. We have seen comebacks, results and even surprises scandal. In History of the rankings, you’ll be able to play more than 60 games from the most memorable. Repeat the comeback scoring three goals to Colombia or Chile scores two goals in 11 minutes to a French team with 10 men against La Roja to qualify mathematically, and this is just one example of the scenarios you will face.

Other game modes

Do not have enough? In addition to the above modes, you can play against your friends online or locally Friendlies matches and to improve your skills in FIFA 50 Skill games, new and classic. Immerse yourself in the best FIFA World Cup to date.

EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup 2014 includes over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stages and over 15 hours of additional comments. Read more about the new features here .

FIFA 14 Konoplyanka mystery before Liverpool FC transfer


If you are have been following Buy Fut Coins the exciting events of the January Transfer Window, you’ll know that transfers fifa coins in real life will have repercussions for FIFA 14 players around the globe. One player that has been the subject of transfer talk is Yehven Konoplyanka, who could be on his way to Liverpool FC.

FIFA 14 Konoplyanka mystery before Liverpool FC transfer

The deal hasn’t been made yet, but it looks like it is close. Having said that, we know what drama the January transfer window can bring, and we’ve already seen the same player linked with Tottenham Hotspur, as well as big spenders PSG.

We usually like to take a look at a players FIFA 14 stats in preparation for a big transfer, but you may be shocked to find out that Konoplyanka doesn’t even appear to be on EA’s database for FIFA 14.

FIFA 14 Xbox One update out today – patch notes released


The next FIFA 14 Xbox One title Buy Fifa Coins update goes live today, EA has announced, following weeks of not inconsiderable upset about the game’s “broken” Online Season matches. Hopefully, the latter will be a fading memory by this time tomorrow.

“Our commitment to improve the FIFA 14 is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements,” notes a post on the official forum. “Thanks again for your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The patch notes are below. How are you getting on with FIFA 14, at the time of writing? Could be worse, right? I mean, it could be Battlefield 4.

FIFA 14 : Patch fixes more errors on your PC

Admittedly, the launch of FIFA 14 on the PC was anything but smooth and the players complained about the gameplay or partially on the server from EA . With a new patch at least one major concern of players is to be eliminated .

The phenomenon FIFA is also represented in this year on the PC and provides traditional for problems. Even the predecessor of FIFA 14, the users had to deal with server problems or could not play until the title. Also about the gameplay has been complained in the community , ran from this different than on the consoles . And at the current part seems to have not learned and EA released a faulty PC version of the soccer simulation. Buy fifa 14 coins on, here is cheap and safe website.

Especially about the headers suggested you look at among the users. These are much too strong and the round hits with a header to 80% into the square . The defense is far too easy to play off and would often mercilessly fail in an offensive action of the opponent. But EA Sports now hear the supplication of the community and released a patch that solves some other problems .

• Balancing lofted through balls .
• Balancing attacking headers .
• Balancing finesse shots .
• Improved switching defender falling on crosses .
• Freezes while making substitutions falling on gameplay.
• Freezes while entering and exiting leaderboards .
• Improvements made to Dynamic Camera .
• Corrected crowd sections at Signal Iduna Park.
• Corrected “Any” and “GK ” filters in Pro Clubs .
• We’ve Responded to the community and upgraded FIFA 14 cover star Stephan El Shaarawy to 4 * Skills in Online Seasons , Head to Head , and Career Mode using EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day . Since the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ratings and database are separate from the Match Day update , he wants to be Assessed and Potentially upgraded in FUT at a later date is our new fifa website! We sold over 10 billion coins to 15,000+ customers. We have been trading in Fifa coins ps3 for several years now.

Make FIFA Coins with Program Choice Guides

Also, pretty handful of many people understand how a good deal improvement playing cards count. So a method could possibly be to glance for formation playing cards in a incredibly 3 hundred FIFA ultimate team coins utmost cost and spend funds on just about each card, apart from folks with three in the rear of (unless certainly 3-5-2). Then you definitely most surely re-list to begin with expenditures of 5 hundred coupled with a BIN of 600 FIFA coins, as well as far more on a regular basis than not they’re going to expenditure 600 FIFA ultimate group coins that’s virtually double the quantity set you back compensated. The the best achievable the perfect time for you to get this achieved is in the course of satisfied hour when you will see significantly a lot more development playing cards obtainable that could be bought so you will have the ability to purchase further cards.

Other cards has to be sent to your consumable and place in your players to acquire capable to boost your odds of effective potential matches.

This technique continues to become viable in the rejected markets given that it costs only 4 hundred FIFA coins, but if 3 cards amount a hundred and fifty FIFA ultimate group coins, even with the EA tax you get paid profits, because of this reality and consequently this way you constantly break-even the best of that is you’ve got a excellent capability of obtaining an notify, notably when you can obtain a higher quantity of Bronze Notifies significantly just like the week beginning the 27th June.

The silver participant markets might be an specially useful industry it underestimate by a lot of of us FIFA players. One particular effortless methodology to acquire paid some FIFA 14 coins online store would be to search for silver Premier League gamers at 300 FIFA ultimate team coins, then you actually undoubtedly invest in all gamers who each possess a terrific stat for instance superior speed, or possibly an excellent development as an example 4-4-2. It is actually normally as a result of truth silver players are really preferred, specially when silver competitions are open. Undoubtedly by far by far the most fascinating avid gamers are frequently the Leading League avid gamers or South the united states of america gamers, so ordinarily analysis these gamers.

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